Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts

It is a game about helping Santa Claus deliver Christmas gifts to the houses

Christmas Gifts is a game in which you are supposed to help Santa Claus deliver Christmas gifts to the houses. You will fly with Santa in this game and throw the gifts into the houses. If you can throw the gifts right into the chimney of the house, you will get extra points.Christmas Gifts is a simple Flash game in which you have the mission of helping Santa Claus to distribute the Christmas gifts in all the houses of the forest. You are riding the Santa's sleigh and have to throw the gifts to the houses coming under you. It may sound simple, but the game has its challenges. First of all, it is not an "aim-point-shot" type of game. You need to anticipate where to throw the gifts, since the houses are moving targets so when you "pull the trigger" (click the mouse button), they have moved from where they were an instant ago, which can be frustrating. You get extra points if you manage to throw the gift through the chimney, but your score will be lower if you throw two gifts into the same house.
The game is free for individual users, but you can license it along with many other games by paying a fee. In this case, you can add your company's name and logo and distribute the game as a marketing strategy. Also, you can purchase the source code for fully customizing the game. And last but not least, you can add a link in your webpage to the online version of Christmas Gifts.

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